Iran is home to one of the most culturally diverse populations in the entire Middle East, with...

A six-part journal offering an overview of Iran's complex digital media landscape.

An Internet Freedom Day report on Iran's contributions to the global internet governance debate...

For World Refugee Day, a report on the online activities of Iran's religious minorities.

An overview of Iranian women in competitive sport

With the announcement of a historic agreement being made between Iran and the G5+1 on the contentious matter of the country’s nuclear program last weekend, all eyes were on Iran. What were they saying on Twitter?

This month, we look at the reaction of the conservative blogosphere to the ongoing nuclear negotiations, as well as assessing the community's response to President Rouhani's international charm offensive. Small Media reports.

In the month since Hassan Rouhani's election, Iran's conservative bloggers have been carrying out a postmortem of the results, Small Media reports.

Over the past few weeks, Small Media has been following the conservative blogosphere’s reactions to the ups and downs of election season. As promised, this week our report draws upon a number of conservative reactions to the stunning results of the June 14 election.


This report draws on posts published by the conservative bloggers regarding the list of candidates approved by Iran's Guardian Council. Next week we will publish the reactions of conservative bloggers to the winner and their opinions about the other candidates.


In this month's installment: conservative bloggers commemorated the passage to 1392 by reviewing the events of 1391, speaking more pointedly about the June presidential elections, lamenting the death of Hugo Chavez and discussing Ahmadinejad's embrace of Chavez's mother at the funeral.


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