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Introducing our new report: Chaos and Control

We’re very excited to present our new report, ‘Chaos and Control: The Competing Tensions of Internet Governance in Iran’, which explores the Islamic Republic’s participation in the global conversation on internet governance.
Produced in collaboration with the Internet Policy Observatory, our report offers a comprehensive overview of Iran’s engagements with internet governance issues by tracking Iran’s public statements at internet governance forums, studying its delegations to international events, and comparing its international policy stances against its domestic practices.
The report also examines the Iranian public’s engagement with internet governance issues, and the state of multistakeholderism in Iran. The report achieves this by monitoring Iranian press coverage of internet governance debates and appraising Iran’s emerging domestic multistakeholder initiatives.
This research produced some predictable findings, noting for example Iran’s persistent tendency to oppose the United States’ privileged position vis-a-vis ICANN. However, we also noticed some more surprising developments, such as Iran’s steadfast commitment to increasing internet connectivity in rural areas. We also uncovered signs that despite a strong preference for state-centric governance paradigms, there are signs that the Iranian government may be open to multistakeholder approaches.
In short, we believe this report offers unique insight into Iran’s internet governance tactics, priorities, and strategies, and illustrates how Iran’s behaviour at global events corresponds with its domestic policies.